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  • Lockheed Martin – Work ExperienceLockheed Martin Havant, Whiteley, London and AmpthillGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • Lockheed Martinspecialise in the development, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. The company works with more than 100 business partners and employs more than 3,000 people in the UK across 20 sites, working on a wide range of major programmes spanning the aerospace, defence and civil sectors. They offerstudents the opportunity […]

  • Croda – Work ExperienceCroda Yorkshire, Staffordshire, CheshireGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • Croda.A global speciality chemical company who create ingredients and technologies that deliver performance benefits to everyday products, which are used by industry and consumers.They offer work experience placements for school and college students.

  • Sembcorp – Work experienceSembcorp Teeside, BournemouthGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • GSKis a large pharmaceutical company. They offer a limited number of work experience placements for school students each year at their sites in the UK. GSK headquarters, Brentford. Work experience placements offered at GSK headquarters in Brentford are open to students from schools in the London Borough of Hounslow on work experience programmes organised by […]

  • Ramboll – Work ExperienceRamboll London, BirminghamGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • Rambollprovides school students in the United Kingdom with the opportunity to gain valuable engineering-focused work experience. They provide a work experience programme that runs throughout the year and offers access to a range of work activities. These placements provide students with the chance to work as part of a team, introducing you to a variety […]

  • The Met Office -Work Experience weekThe Met Office ExeterGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • The Met OfficeAnyone aged between 14 and 17 can spend a week with The Met Office to get a better understanding of what they do ‚ much more than the weather forecasts you see on the television. As well as giving you an insight into the working world and helping to confirm career plans, youll […]

  • The Engineering Education Scheme – 6 month programmeThe Engineering Education Scheme UK WideGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • The Engineering Education Schemeis an EDT Programme, which links teams of four Year 12 (A level) students and their teacher with local companies to work on real, scientific, engineering and technological problems. The scheme provides you with an in-depth experience in science, engineering and technology. The programme is 6 months and includes: Hands-on work experience […]

  • Rolls Royce – work experience programmesRolls Royce UK WideGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • Rolls-Royceis a global company, providing integrated power solutions for customers in civil and defence aerospace, marine and energy markets. They offer a work experience programme for 14-19 year olds. Applications need to be in by November. Requests need to come from the school or college, rather than directly from the student. You also need to […]

  • ArcadisArcadis London, Manchester, Bristol, BirminghamGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • Arcadisprovide design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services. Theyoffer a weeks work experience called Future weeks, that are run across the country. To apply,

  • MRC Clinical Services Centre – Summer Studentship ProgrammeMRC Clinical Services Centre LondonGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • MRC Clinical Services Centreoffer their A ‚Äòlevel programme for 4 week in August. You complete a project based on the current work of one of their research groups, and also attend demonstrations of the facilities and techniques used throughout the Institute. Recruitment is undertaken through the Social Mobility Foundation and student stipends are funded by […]

  • Costain -Work ExperienceCostain London, Manchester, Maidenhead, Birmingham, AberdeenGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • Costainoffer work experience to 14-18 year olds in an engineering and construction environment. This will provide you with the opportunity to experience working on a project or in a head office environment where you will learn core behavioural skills such as communication, team-working, and interpersonal skills, as well gain an awareness of the breadth of […]

    • Science & Technology Facilities Council(STFC). The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) is one of Europe’s largest research organisations supporting scientists and engineers world-wide. Activities carried out cover a wide range of science, engineering and technology, including materials science, engineering and instrumentation, particle physics, space science, accelerator based technologies, information technology and e-Science. They offer […]

  • Renishaw – Work Experience PlacementsRenishaw Gloucestershire, Wales, BristolGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • Renishawis a global company with core skills in measurement, motion control, spectroscopy and precision machining. They run 2 schemes for A ‚Äòlevel students: Work experience Renishaw offers approximately 40 one-week work experience opportunities for year 10 and year 12 students. Preference is given to those students who are studying Maths and Science and who have […]

    • NNLNational Nuclear Laboratory, or NNL plays a key role in the UK and global nuclear industry. That means reducing the cost of clean-up and decommissioning. They provide a 1 week work experience placement. Types of Placements Technical (Engineering and Scientific) Strategic Business Development Learning & Development Finance Human Resources What NNL Provides Working in an […]

  • John Innes Centre – Work ExperienceJIC NorwichGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • JICis an independent, international centre of excellence in plant science and microbiology, based in Norwich. They run a 3-day workshop called Inside Science aimed at year 11, 12 or 13 students. You must be predicted or have gained A or A* in science subjects to be eligible to apply. The workshop takes place in late […]

  • Centrica – work experience UK-wideGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • Centrica (on behalf of British Gas) offers 2 weeks of work experience in Stockport, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Leeds. You will gain an awareness of their products & services and get the opportunity to spend time with a customer services team and shadow one of the installation engineers. There are taster days running in April, […]

  • Nuffield Foundation – Research PlacementsNuffield Foundation UK WideGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • Nuffield Research Placementsprovide over 1,000 students each year with the opportunity to work alongside professional scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians. Students in the first year of a post-16 science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) course are eligible to apply. Placements are available across the UK, in universities, commercial companies, voluntary organisations and research institutions. They […]

  • Leonardo – Work Experience programmeLeonardo Yeovil, Basildon, LutonGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • Leonardoisa helicopter company, based in Yeovil Somerset, run four one-week work experience programmes, in March, April and July. They offer 2 Work Experience Programmes in helicopters and in electronic defence.Leonardo Helicopters is offering a unique opportunity for both GCSE and A-Level students to gain an insight into the design and build of Helicopters at Yeovil. […]

  • Bentley Motors – Work ExperienceBentley Motors CheshireGCSE / A LevelPosted 4 years ago
    • The Bentley MotorsLtd work experience programme is designed to offer students aged 14 -19 valuable experiences in key business areas. The programme is for students who are enthusiastic, focused on quality and who are currently studying towards qualifications related to their area of interest. They offer a variety of week-long placements in Engineering, Manufacturing and […]

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