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After a long day of household chores on my day off, I was looking forward to relaxing with a nice hot cup of coffee and watching a rerun of Saturday night live.

Moments after switching on my TV and receiver, I realized that I could not change the channel with my Cox remote. It just wouldn’t budge.

The Contour HD Box is a set-top box that allows you to stream content as you wish, but it also comes with a stunning voice remote.

But what’s the point if you cannot enjoy the benefits of the voice remote?

Luckily, I had read somewhere earlier that resetting the remote solves almost any glitches it may face.

The only problem was, I didn’t know how to perform a reset on the remote. So I naturally turned to the internet.

That being said, I figured many of you may have come across times where you need to reset your Cox remote but didn’t know how to.

So I decided to make this one-stop guide to help others who face this issue.

Resetting can get a bit different for different remote models, so I suggest you look at the details given in the guide to choose what works for you.

To reset the Cox remote, you can simply press and hold the Setup button until the red LED light on your remote turns green.

Reasons to Reset Cox Remote

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There may be several reasons for you to reset your Cox remote.

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The batteries may be dead, not working, or inserted in the wrong way, or the remote itself may be damaged somehow due to rough handling.

At times, the remote will not pass on the signal and let your TV turn ON or OFF.

There are times when the Cox remote refuses to change the volume of your TV too.

And finally, when the remote will not function from time to time or from a certain angle.

All these are definite reasons indicating something is wrong with your Cox remote, and it needs fixing.

Types of Cox Remotes

Cox has a variety of remote controls, all with different features, purposes, and shapes.

ContourURC 8820
Contour 2New Contour Voice Remote (XR15)
Contour 2Contour Voice Remote (XR11)
Contour 2Contour Remote (XR5)
Mini Box/ DTARF 3220-R
Mini Box/ DTA2220
Big Button RemotesRT-SR50
Big Button RemotesContour 2 Big Button Remote (81-1031)
Big Button RemotesURC 4220 RF

Pairing and Unpairing Cox Remote

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Since each remote will be paired with a different receiver, the methods to pair and unpair these remotes are also different.

Based on the remote you have, the steps to follow are classified as follows:

Pairing (Via voice command)

The first step is to point your remote at the receiver and press the Voice Command button.

From there on, it varies from model to model of the Cox remote.

For operating the New Contour Voice Remote model XR15, try to press and hold the Info and the Contour buttons together.

You can see the red light on the remote change to green, indicating a successful start to the pairing of the devices.

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In the case of the Contour Vice Remote model XR11 or the Contour Remote model XR5, the steps are slightly different.

First, press and hold the Setup button on the remote till you see the red light turn green.

Then move on to press the Contour button, and you will see the light flashing indicating that you can start pairing now.

After passing the first stage to the pairing, there will be a set of instructions displayed on the screen directing you to the pairing.

You will be prompted to enter a three-digit code. There might be a slight problem considering that the remote will pair with any detectable devices in and around 50 feet of it.

So press the Contour button each time and follow through with the instructions so that you can finally pair the remote with your device.

This way, you can successfully do the pairing between the remote and the receiver.


Depending on the type of remote control, the steps for unpairing your devices can also vary.

If you have the New Contour Voice Remote, try pressing and holding the A and D buttons on the remote control together.

You can stop holding the buttons till the red light turns green where the LED is located.

As mentioned before, for Contour Vice Remote model XR11 or the Contour Remote model XR5, you only need to press and hold the Setup button for the red LED light to turn green.

Enter the three-digit code 9-8-1 when prompted and wait for the green LED light to blink twice. This indicates that both your devices are no longer paired.

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After unpairing the remote control, the voice control option will not work, and you have to point it at the receiver manually to change channels and do other operations.

Resetting Cox Remote

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Resetting the Cox remote is fairly simple, so let us take a quick look at the exact procedure.

The steps vary with the type of remote you use, but the main point is to get the red LED light on your remote to turn green to indicate a successful reset.

For operating the New Contour Voice Remote model XR15, press and hold the Info and the Contour buttons together to see the color of the LED light change from red to green.

And for the case of the Contour Vice Remote model XR11 or the Contour Remote model XR5, press and hold the Setup button on the remote till you see the red light turn green.

Troubleshooting Issues With the Cox Remote

As I listed down in the beginning, you can run into quite a few troubles while operating your Cox remote control.

Now let us look at some of the ways you can troubleshoot these problems.

When the remote refuses to turn the TV on or off, try pointing it at the receiver and pressing the TV button once and then the Power button once.

Your TV will either turn ON or OFF.

If your remote does not control the volume of the TV, it might be either because the remote is not paired or because the volume lock is set to TV.

To tackle this issue, you can check whether the remote is successfully paired to the receiver (If not, follow the procedure mentioned above), or try using the remote to set volume lock to TV.

If the remote only works sometimes, try aiming the remote at the TV at a different angle or check to see if there are any obstructions between the receiver and remote preventing signals from passing by.

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For reasons like the remote not changing channels or turning the TV on, you might want to check the batteries.

And for other reasons like damages to the remote, replacing it will be the only way out.

If you’re looking to control a host of devices with one single remote that doesn’t glitch often, then you might want to look out for the best smart remote controls with RF blasters for their flexibility and smart device compatibility.

Final Thoughts

Considering the fact that resetting your Cox remote is a solution for a variety of glitches, here is some extra information to aid you along the way to make it hassle-free.

Although pressing and holding the Setup button is the most mentioned method, the steps can vary slightly for remotes like New Contour Voice Remote.

Keep in mind to check whether the remote is in paired or unpaired mode, and that voice commands do not work with an unpaired remote.

Once you reset the remote, you will also have to Program your Cox Remote to the TV again to use it.

Also, remember that there is an app for the Cox remote. This acts as a great temporary solution if you need to replace your remote and a permanent one if you’re comfortable using it.

At any point during any of the processes, if you feel like you need help, don’t hesitate to contact Cox support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Cox remote blinking red?

It means that your remote is in IR mode. Therefore, you have to unpair and pair the remote again for RF mode operations.

How do I program my Cox remote without a code?

A simple hack is to reset the remote, then enter any 3 numbers of your choice, and you’ll see the light flash.

Next, press the Channel Up button till your TV turns off, and then press the Setup button again to lock the code into place.

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Is there an app for Cox remote?

The Cox Mobile Connect is an app available in Apple App Store and Android Market. The Cox TV Connect App helps you to watch TV from your mobile device.

What is contour from Cox?

Contour from Cox contains an iPad app and a digital TV guide that enables a personalized experience for a maximum of eight users.


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