At The Family Reunion: ‘Bel-Air’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap (2023)

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At The Family Reunion: ‘Bel-Air’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap (1)

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When last week’s episode of Peacock’sBel-Airended, Phil (Adrian Holmes) informed Vivian (Cassandra Freeman) that Geoffrey (Jimmy Akingbola) was looking for his son Frederick. Although episode six was centered around the Banks Family Reunion, ‘Let the Best Man Win, started off by addressing Geoffrey’s lingering issue. Geoffrey sat Phil and Vivian down with the intention of telling them what’s he’s been up to. Before he could, they interrupted him and told him that they already knew. They thank him for being honest and emphasize how they want to help him weigh out all the options. They surprise him with a file that has some information on his son that nearly brings Geoffrey to tears. Will (Jabari Banks) peeps the file after having a quick chat with Geoffrey in Phil’s office. He is shocked to see a picture of Frederick inside. He brings the information to Carlton (Olly Sholotan), who ironically already knew and tells Will that it’s something no one really speaks about. Later on in the episode, Will and Geoffrey share a plate and Will brings up Frederick. Geoffrey explains that he was involved with a gang earlier in his life. He goes on to tell Will how he left his family to protect them. He had Phil set up an open adoption but made him promise to never tell him about Frederick’s whereabouts. Will applauded Geoffrey for what he did and mentioned how he’s sure that Frederick would want to meet him and hear the real story instead of the one he’s probably been making up in his head. You can tell that Will’s relationship with his father played a large role in how he felt about Geoffrey’s situation. At the end of the episode, Will told his Uncle and Aunt that he felt like they should help Geoffrey find his son. Will we see Frederick before the season ends? Is Will going to start thinking about his own father again?

To this point, Will has been looking at the Founders Award as ‘Carlton’s thing.’ After Doc (Brooklyn McLinn) explained how colleges are interested in leaders and told him that he shouldn’t be so quick to count himself, Will went home and started doing research about the Founders Award. Will respectfully came to Carlton (as he was working out for the family football game) and asked how he would feel if he stayed in the race. As you might expect, Carlton didn’t take it necessarily well. Will explained that he came to ask him first because he didn’t want to further stress him out. Carlton feels like no one believes he can win if Will is in the running. Even though Will emphasizes that Uncle Phil never said that, Carlton says he didn’t have to.

The first family member to arrive was Phillip’s mother, Nita. (Anna Maria Horsford). Vivian picked her up from the airport and it’s apparent easy on that Nita has a little spiciness towards her daughter in law. Before the family arrived, Vivian brings up the fact that Phil has missed calls from Erica (Diandra Lyle). He lets her know that Erica wants him to consider an offer from her firm but he promises not to make any big moves without talking to her first. The rest of the family starts to pile in and Geoffrey gives Will a breakdown of the family. Among the family members we’re introduced to, there’s Uncle Earl (the family’s oldest living Uncle), Phil’s brother Julius (Bill Bellamy) and his son Kyle. You can quickly peep that there’s a lot of competitiveness amongst the father-son duos. This is shown when both sides claim they’re going to win the family football game, or when Carlton and Kyle brag on how far their Lacrosse teams went or when Julius mentions how many car dealerships he owns. While playing dominoes, Julius explains to Will that there’s more than one path to success and he’s living proof of that. In the midst of their conversation, Kyle forgets to call out his points on the board and Phil takes advantage. Julius gets angry with his son and tells him ‘Sorry is for suckers’ after Kyle apologizes. Everyone at the table (especially Carlton) notices how uncomfortable the interaction was.

The competitive juices are still flowing when Julius and Nita take on Phil and Viv in a game of spades. Vivian shows that Phil’s training earlier in the episode paid off and got one up on her mother in law, who had been taunting her all episode. As the family reunion continues, Ashley forms a cool bond with Uncle Earl. He tells her about him being a Tuskegee Airmen, fighting in World War 2 and even shows her some old pictures. Phil wants to win the football game so bad that he enlists LaMarcus to play on their team. After getting the news, Carlton and Kyle share a heartfelt conversation. They both mention how they don’t want to grow up to be like their fathers in terms of messing with their children’s heads, questioning all of their life choices, taking out all of their problems on them and making them feel like they’re never good enough. Kyle tells Carlton that at least he’ll be able to make Phil happy since they have LaMarcus on their team and they’ll win the game. He then adds that after they lose, his father won’t do anything but berate him but he’s used to it. Carlton again visibly feels bad for his cousin. The football game is super competitive and comes down to the last play. Carlton intentionally drops the catch after he hears his Uncle Julius speak negatively towards Kyle yet again. Geoffrey and Phil notice what he did.

After the game, Viv and Nita share a moment. After reminiscing on her husband and their life together, Nita gives her credit for making the reunion happen. She emphasizes that being with family is what’s important and will always stay with you. In the same light, Phil and Julius reminisce about growing up. Julius brings up how Phil was the one their father believed in. Phil gives Julius his flowers for taking care of their mother and adds how he only hosted the reunion to feel like he was doing his part. After Julius hips Phil to how hard it is being a single father and wearing all the hats that he does, Phil suggests that they work through things with each other’s help. Phil then makes sure that he lets Carlton know that he’s proud of him and he will always believe in him. Will thanks Julius for telling his story. He really resonated with how Julius hustled and worked for everything he got. Julius tells him that people may underestimate him, but he should never stop going for his. After their respective talks with Julius and Phil, Carlton and Will both agree that it’s a good idea for Will to stay in the race. Carlton tells Will that he’s not afraid of a little competition and Will echoes his statements. Julius shows Phil and the family love for hosting an amazing family reunion. The brothers then present Uncle Earl with an award celebrating his life and service.

While they helped prepare food, Hilary (Coco Jones) asked Will if he had spoken to Jazz recently because he had been acting distant and taking a long time to respond to her texts. She says that she even invited him to the family reunion and he left her on read. Ashley (Akira Akbar) reminds Hilary that she also invited her ex-boyfriend to their mom’s art show and mentions how she would’ve did the same thing. Will tells Hilary that he’s not trying to be in the middle of them but agreed with Ashley that finding out your girlfriend dated an NFL star could hurt a man’s pride. As Hilary starts to leave to head over to Jazz’s house, Phil stops her and lets her know that Jazz can wait and the sweet potato pie she’s making cannot. Hilary continues to text Jazz as the family reunion is in full motion. She is surprised to hear LaMarcus (Justin Cornwell) show up, considering that she didn’t personally invite him. Phil tells her that he invited him, specifically to rub in his brother’s face. Will tells Hilary that he’s Team Jazz and she makes him promise to not tell Jazz about it. Hilary tells LaMarcus that them getting back together is not happening. He responds by reminding her that she called him and not the other way around. He assures her that he doesn’t have an agenda and then asks Hilary why Jazz wasn’t there, which left her a bit speechless. To spite her father for inviting LaMarcus, she chooses her Uncle Julius’ pie over her father’s. Before the football game, we find out what LaMarcus told Hilary wasn’t true. He shares with Will that he’s not going to stop until he gets her back. The episode ends with LaMarcus coming to get Hilary from the poolhouse, where she’s sitting along. As she goes outside to join in on the family and the soul train line, Jazz finally responds to her texts and tells her she can come through. When Hilary fall for LaMarcus again? Or will her and Jazz be able to make it through this rough patch? How will the Founders Award affect Carlton and Will’s relationship? Will Phil take Erica’s offer? Let us know what you thought about the sixth episode of season two and what your predictions for next week’s episode are in the comments!

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What happens in Bel Air Season 2 Episode 6? ›

Episode Info

Phil hosts the Banks family reunion, and Carlton works hard to impress his dad; Will considers accepting the Founder's Award nomination.

What happens in episode 7 of Bel Air? ›

Bonds are broken, trust is lost and when things look like they can't get any worse for Carlton...they do. Things begin with Uncle Phil talking to Will about his relationship with Lisa, asking him to take a step back from her since her dad is now his competitor in the election.

Is Aunt Viv pregnant in Bel-Air? ›

During the third season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (her last on the show), Janet Hubert was pregnant, a development that was written into the show.

What did Lou do to Will in Bel-Air? ›

He then dropped out of school by 19 and was later arrested for car theft. At some point, he met Vy, who he had a child with. However, Lou would only get to know Will for the first few years of his life, as he would be sentenced to 10 years in prison for assault and robbery of an old man who supposedly owed him money.

What happened in episode 8 of Bel-Air? ›

Zenith Hype beats Compton 86-80 with a massive game from Will, where he took over the game on the offensive side of the ball. Even after taking a hard foul from the opposing team, Will got back up and hit two three throws to seal the game.

Did episode 8 of Bel-Air come out? ›

Episode 8 will release on Peacock on Thursday, April 13, 2023, at 3 am ET. Episode 8 will have a run time of 48 minutes.

What did Carlton put in Will's pocket? ›

Carlton hugs Will and slips a clip of money in his coat pocket before he leaves. Carlton then seeks out Lisa to help him find Will, because his cousin never turned his back on him, and Carlton needs that now more than ever.

Is Carlton the father of Cindy's baby? ›

When Will arrives at the chapel to stop the ceremony, he learns that Cindy has called off the wedding and had her parents take her home, leaving Carlton bewildered and heartbroken. Carlton meekly confesses to Will that the baby wasn't his as he is still a virgin.

Is Geoffrey the father of Nicky? ›

Besides looking similar to Nicki Banks there are other clues that Geoffrey "The Butler" Butler is in fact the real father of Nicky Banks, not Phillip. It's plausible as Geoffrey worked at the Banks residence during Nicky's conception and even through Vivian's delivery.

Why was Aunt Viv replaced? ›

Hubert, best known as "the original Aunt Viv," left the sitcom after the first three seasons over "creative differences." She was promptly replaced by actress Daphne Maxwell Reid the following season without any mention of the recasting.

Who snitched on Will in Bel-Air? ›

Rashad Denton was a recurring character on Peacock's modern-day reinterpretation, Bel-Air. He was portrayed by Eazy the Block Captain. Rashad was a drug dealer in West Philly who developed a personal vendetta against Will after he pulled a gun on him after a basketball game.

Was Lou alive at the end? ›

Initially, Lou seems to sacrifice her own life in the pursuit of killing her son. But Lou's ending scene reveals that she is alive and still watching over Hannah and Vee.

Is Aunt Viv Will's mom? ›

Vy is Will's mother and the oldest of the Smith sisters. Because of her marriage to Fred Wilkes, she is also the stepmother of his daughter, Lisa Wilkes. She is also the ex-wife of Lou Smith.

What is the secret about Lou on Bel-Air? ›

Before his unexpected homecoming, Will was led to believe by his mom Vy (April Parker Jones) and Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes) that Lou abandoned his family; in reality, Lou was serving time in prison and never wanted his son to see him behind bars.

Why was Jeffrey fired in Bel-Air? ›

Geoffrey Thompson is a main character on Peacock's modern-day reinterpretation, Bel-Air. He is portrayed by Jimmy Akingbola. Geoffrey was the Banks' house manager until he was fired by Phil for going against his wishes and contacting Lou.

What did Angela do Bel-Air? ›

Angela reveals to Vivian and Joan that she's an interior designer and that Fred's been very supportive in regards to her career, and her going back to work as soon as the baby is born. It's been a relief for Angela, who doesn't believe women should have to set their passions aside to start a family.

When did episode 10 Bel-Air come out? ›

What time does Bel-Air come out on Peacock? The season finale of Bel-Air will premiere on Peacock at 5:01 a.m. ET / 2:01 a.m. PT on Thursdays. That means Bel-Air Episode 10 will arrive on Peacock at 5:01 a.m. ET on Thursday, March 31.

Does Bel-Air have episode 11? ›

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Season 1 Episode 11: Courting Disaster - Metacritic.

Why did Carlton buy a gun? ›

Don't tell me any more fairy tales" . Later, Carlton visits Will and tells him that if he ever needs anything he'll be there to help him out. Will and Carlton hug which reveals to Will that Carlton bought a gun for self-protection.

Who planted drugs on Will Bel-Air? ›

Planting drugs on Will

To get back at Will for punching him, Connor sets him up to be suspended by planting drugs in his bag.

Does Carlton have anxiety? ›

With no shortage of confidence, intellect, and wit, Carlton is perfectly at home in his privileged world. However, all his bravado masks underlying struggles with anxiety.

Is season 2 Episode 6 of Bel-Air out? ›

Season 2 of Bel-Air continues with Episode 6, “Let the Best Man Win.” Bel-Air's latest episode will premiere on Peacock on Thursday, March 30.

What happens to the drug dealer in Bel-Air? ›

Rashad discovers that Will is hiding in Bel-Air after one of his boys make him aware of a highlight reel from Will's latest game. Tray reveals to Will that Rashad was killed in a club after learning that Will was in Bel-Air.

What happens in bullets over Bel-Air? ›

Will, Carlton and Phil are leaving for a camping trip. However, after accidentally inflating a life raft and knocking over and breaking Carlton's hurricane lamp with a built in bug zapper he had in advance for the trip, Will offers his cousin money for a replacement.

What episode of Bel-Air does Will get caught with drugs? ›

Will is run down with work, school, and his girlfriend, and has trouble staying awake. He decides to take amphetamines to help him.

Who is the football player in Bel-Air Season 2? ›

Lamarcus Alton is a recurring character on Peacock's modern-day reinterpretation, Bel-Air. He is portrayed by Justin Cornwell. Lamarcus is a pro NFL football player and Hilary's ex-boyfriend.

Is Bel-Air episode 7 out? ›

Episode 7 will release on Peacock on Thursday, April 6, 2023, at 3 am ET.

Who is frederick in Bel-Air season 2 2023? ›

Frederick is a guest starring character on Peacock's modern-day reinterpretation, Bel-Air. He is portrayed by Joivan Wade. Frederick is Geoffrey's son, who he abandoned at a young age in an effort to protect him.

Who put the drugs in Will's bag Bel-Air? ›

Planting drugs on Will

To get back at Will for punching him, Connor sets him up to be suspended by planting drugs in his bag.

Why did Phil fire Geoffrey? ›

Geoffrey Thompson is a main character on Peacock's modern-day reinterpretation, Bel-Air. He is portrayed by Jimmy Akingbola. Geoffrey was the Banks' house manager until he was fired by Phil for going against his wishes and contacting Lou.

Is Carlton a drug addict? ›

Things didn't work out so neatly for Carlton. First, Ashley caught him snorting coke in his locker and he snapped at her. Then, he broke down during his Founder's Award speech and confessed to being a drug addict in front of everyone.

How did Will save Carlton's life? ›

Will and Carlton are at the ATM and somebody tries to kill Carlton for his money, but Will takes the bullet for him.

Does the bullet fall back? ›

Even a bullet, fired straight up at the maximum speed a gunpowder blast can accelerate it to, will never leave the lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere. A combination of gravity and air resistance will slow it down until it reaches a maximum height, whereupon it will fall back down to Earth's surface.

What is the saddest episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? ›

Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse

The finale of this episode is among the most tear-jerking in sitcom history. Will's dad, Lou (Ben Vereen), comes back into his life after a decade of absence, only to disappoint him and walk out once again for the last time.

What was Carlton addicted to? ›

It's Carlton's birthday. His father gives a trip to Vegas for Carlton and Will as a gift. Carlton becomes addicted to gambling and loses all the money as well as the return home tickets. The...

Did Carlton overdose? ›

At prom, a half-asleep Will tells Carlton to check his locker for vitamins when he begins to freak out about the pimple. Carlton finds the speed and mistakes it for vitamins, overdosing on them where he passes out on the dance floor.

Who was the boy stabbed in Bel-Air MD? ›

HARFORD COUNTY, MD — A 21-year-old Aberdeen man has been convicted in the stabbing death of 17-year-old Christopher Kerfoot near his home in the 1200 block of Agora Drive in Bel Air on July 8, 2021.

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