10 Best Flexible Work From Home Jobs for Moms (2023)

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As most mothers know, having children and juggling a career can become overwhelming and exhausting. It wasn’t until COVID-19 hit, that a wave of employers began allowing their employees to work from home. This opened up a world of opportunities where a lot of parents realized they were able to have a healthy work-life balance by working from home.

Surveys show the need for flexibility for working parents. With the child care crisis, virtual schooling, and other inconveniences the pandemic causes, we see what many call the “Shecession”. The term Shecession was coined in regards about the many women losing their jobs in hospitality, child care, and other professions hit hard by the pandemic.

Many mothers are the primary caretakers for their families, where they have no choice but to stay home with their children when schools and daycares are abruptly closed.

I personally had to resign an in-office job that I absolutely loved with the most amazing people in order to find a work-from-home job that better suits my post-covid lifestyle. Working from home allows me the flexibility I need without experiencing mom-guilt from being in the office during a pandemic.

As a mother, I believe that you can find well-paying remote jobs that allow you to make an income, whether you are looking for something full time, part time, or even contract work. There are many options out there that can suit your needs.

Let’s explore 10 best work-from-home jobs for moms below and where to find them!

1. Graphic Designer

I might be biased, because this is actually my work-from-home career. I work as a graphic designer and marketing specialist and am fortunate to work remotely. I’m able to take my kids to school, and pick them up and not have to spend extra money on after-school care.

If you are creative, and enjoy making things such as flyers, advertisements, marketing collateral, logos,etc., then this job could be for you! Having the right skill set, you can apply directly to a company that is offering remote work. Some graphic designers charge per hour, while others offer a flat-rate fee per project.

Social Media Management is a great, monthly income you can depend on if you also offer to post online for your client in places such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

You don’t have to be an expert in Adobe programs such as Photoshop to create stunning images. I highly recommend a design program like Canva, as it is super user-friendly. Their free plan includes so much. You can start your career in graphic design without expensive materials, as a computer, internet connection, and creativity are all you need. I use an Apple Macbook Laptop Pro, and I absolutely love it.

Depending on your experience, I’ve seen jobs pay up to $75/hour! Start a collection of your designs (take a look at my graphic design portfolio to get ideas). Employers or clients will want to see your work and what you are capable of.

If you don’t want to work with employers or clients, another option is to sell your design work online.

2. Freelance Writer

Many companies are looking for freelance writers to help out with their content creation. Online job boards, such as Indeed.com, allow you to search with the filter for “remote” jobs.

Search for job titles and keywords such as:

  • Copywriter
  • Proofreader
  • Freelance writer
  • Editor
  • Publicist/Publishing
  • Communications
  • Blogger

Being a freelance writer, you’re able to begin with minimal start-up costs. Again, all you need is a reliable internet connection and a computer to get started. The bonus of this is being able to work from anywhere! (Poolside with a Virgin Piña Colada, anyone?)

When it comes to starting a career as a freelance writer, make sure you keep your writing examples to create a portfolio. One of my best friends is a copywriter with two small children. I tend to write my blog posts at night time when the kids go to sleep and the house is quiet for me to concentrate.

When you are ready, you can pitch to potential clients by reaching out directly to them with story ideas that would fit well with their content.

Don’t be discouraged if they say no, or if your pitch doesn’t work out right away. Keep trying and don’t give up. Overtime, you can build a profitable business by writing for popular websites or magazines.

3. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistance is a great work-from-home option. The main role of this would be to provide administrative support for your employer or client. With online team management programs (such as Wrike and Microsoft Teams) it’s easier now more than ever to work remotely from home and still maintain a presence with your company.

Some tasks you might be expected to do may include: handling emails, maintaining calendars, and even arranging meetings and travel for your client.

Many virtual assistants are able to set their own hourly rate and choose a schedule that better suites their lifestyle. You can browse for positions using websites such as Flexjobs and Upwork.

4. Customer Service Representative

Many companies have an abundant need for customer service reps. One of my first jobs out of college was working for an insurance company. I was translating Spanish phone calls and helping callers understand their insurance paperwork.

Although I was able to work from home, this job definitely requires very minimal distractions. Having a work-from-home job in customer service might work better with older children in the household that understand you’re not able to be interrupted while on the phone.

If you can set up a quiet, dedicated space that you can work from, it will be worth it. Moms with small babies or toddlers in the house might need a sitter or help from family while working. You can check out job listings on linkedin.com to see remote customer service work.

10 Best Flexible Work From Home Jobs for Moms (1)

5. Babysitter/Nanny

Speaking of sitters…

As a mother, who is better qualified for childcare than you are? A wonderful work-from-home job, that offers little disturbance to your every-day home life, is to be a nanny or babysitter.

If you love children and are staying home with your own children, why not get paid to help out another mom who needs childcare and watch their kids as well?

If you are looking for local families in need, you can check out care.com to make a profile. Facebook groups also offers opportunities to connect with local moms that are desperately looking for childcare help.

Some states have regulations regarding the number of children you are able to watch. If you are starting a business, you’ll want to look into getting a child care license. You can also go through first aid training to make you more qualified.

Having references of people you have worked for in the past will be a huge help when you start looking for families that are in need of day care services.

6. Online Teacher/Tutor

Being an online teacher or a tutor is a fantastic job opportunity for a stay-at-home mom. If you love teaching children, and have a knack for English, Math, History, Science, or any other school subject children need tutoring in, then this job is for you!

You might be required to have a college education, depending on the company that hires you. Pay range will depend on your experience, but you can research the median wage for online tutors in your area for a general idea of what your pay rate might start at.

Being an online teacher or tutor is not limited to just children. If you consider yourself an expert in a certain area, you can think about coaching others to reach their full potential as well.

As a virtual teacher or coach, you can use video services to communicate with your clients. FaceTime, Skype, or Google hangouts allows you to work from the comfort of your own home.

Start by advertising your services and create an online presence by being active on social media. Hang out where your target market is, and develop meaningful relationships to bring on clients.

7. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry is pretty self-explanatory: you’ll be tasked with responsibilities such as entering information from documents into a software system on your computer.

If you are willing to deal with the tedious task of data entry and consider yourself to be detail-oriented, data entry is pretty straightforward. It can be an entry-level job with little to no experience required.

Some skills that will make it easier for you as a data entry clerk are:

  • Fast typing
  • Written communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Basic software knowledge
  • Data collection skills
  • Research skills
  • Accuracy

Data entry jobs require that you enter and transcribe large amounts of information in a precise and timely manner. You can make a great living once you become a highly skilled specialist with reliable services in data entry.

Look for data entry job positions online at indeed, linkedin, careerbuilder, and other job boards.

8. Start an eCommerce Business Online

If you are an artist or maker, you may want to think of opening a store. Many stay-at-home moms find great joy in selling their handmade items online. Share your passions by opening up an online store or creating a profile on a popular eCommerce company, such as Etsy.

Popular objects that many successful stores sell include jewelry, art, accessories, vintage items, and clothing. Keep in mind, success will not happen overnight. If you enjoy what you do, try not to run out of steam until you see some traction. If you love crafting, think of doing things that people will pay good money for quality items.

For example, you can create special, unique gifts or custom products that are memorable things people can order for their loved ones.

Starting an online store will require a lot of dedication where you’ll have to wear multiple hats: photography, copy writing, and great customer service are just a few of the skills you will need in order to launch an eCommerce business.

9. Selling Flipped Items

If you love shopping, and know how to find a great deal, then maybe selling flipped items is for you! You can turn this into a stay-at-home job by buying low and selling high. Being frugal and knowing how to negotiate will help you get larger profits in the end.

Turn your passion for thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales into a lucrative reselling business. You can flip small items from valuable collectibles and jewelry, to larger things like furniture. Some things have great bones that just need a fresh coat of paint to take it to the next level.

Sell your great finds on places like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. You can even create a Facebook business page for free to showcase your current finds available for sale!

10. Pet Sitter

A flexible job that you can do from your home is to become a pet sitter. Pet sitting offers you a a paying gig that works around your schedule. If you love animals, and are a responsible pet caregiver, this job can be very rewarding.

You can choose when you work, set your daily rate, and even pick which days you are available for pet sitting. Try online pet sitting companies, such as Rover.com, to sign up and offer pet sitting services to your local friends and neighbors.

You can interview your client with their pet to make sure it is a good fit for you and your family before you take on the job.


In conclusion, there are many opportunities for moms who are looking for remote, work-from-home positions. Mothers should not have to pick between their careers and families. Finding the perfect balance looks different for everyone.

Whether you are looking for a full time career, or just a quick gig to make money for the moment, there are plenty of work-from-home opportunities out there!

I hope this list has helped you realize that you can make a reasonable living, or an income for either pocket money or to help out with your family’s finances.

Let me know in the comments what stay-at-home jobs I missed that you have found success in! If you found this article helpful, sign up for our newsletterto stay up to date on our recent blog posts and be entered to win our giveaways.







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